Product overview

Our personalized mini-fridge arrays are built on a modular architecture and incorporate 10 mini-fridges as standard. With a sleek and modern design, the units are an attractive addition to any campus, break room or kitchen.

Large Storage Capacity

Each locker features a whopping 32.2 litres of storage so you store anything you need throughout the day. You can also store a weeks worth of prepared food inside to minimize hauling your lunch around.

The ArcticShelf App

Your workers or students can find, rent, and open a mini-fridge in the array with a few finger strokes using our intuitive smartphone app. There’s also a tab for technical support, which makes it fast and easy to report any issues.

The app is simple to download and use and ensures that users can access their mini fridge quickly and easily, with no need for a cumbersome key.

Technical specifications

Unit Dimensions

  1. Height:

    191 cm (75.2 in)

  2. Width:

    106.68 cm (42 in)

  3. Depth:

    48.8 cm (19.2 in)

Locker Dimensions

  1. Height:

    25 cm (9.84 in)

  2. Width:

    35.5 cm (13.9 in)

  3. Depth:

    37.5 cm (14.7 in)


  1. Operating:
    -15° to 40° C (5° to 104° F)
  2. Cooling Range:
    2° to 8° C (35.6° to 46.4° F)


  1. Rated Current:
    5 Amps
  2. Max Draw:
    450 Watts
  3. Voltage:
  4. Power Usage:
    5.6 kWh/day

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