Our personal mini-fridge arrays at a glance

Arctic Shelf’s flagship product is a personal mini-fridge array. Your workers or students can find, rent, and open a mini-fridge in the array with a few finger strokes using our intuitive smartphone app.
Our mini-fridge arrays are built on a modular architecture and incorporate 10 mini-fridges as standard. With a sleek and modern design, the units are an attractive addition to any university campus building or employee dining room or common room.

Minimize Covid-19 health risks with Arctic Shelf

Organizations in all sectors face new health and safety challenges as Coronavirus restrictions are gradually lifted, and employees and students return to their physical work and study environments. For many students, lunch options will be restricted to packed lunches or canteen meals. At the same time, many shared office fridges will be closed due to the risk of food cross-contamination – restricting employees’ lunch options as well.
Arctic Shelf provides a simple, cost-effective way to minimize health risks posed by COVID-19. Each mini-fridge in our arrays has controlled access via an app on the user’s smartphone, ensuring that only they can access the mini-fridge – and that no one else touches their food, ever.

Options to create new revenues with Arctic Shelf

Arctic Shelf offers a range of buy and rental options that meet your specific business needs. You can choose to provide mini-fridges to employees or students free of charge, or you can pass rental costs to end users to create a new revenue stream.
Our entire business is engineered around making it as easy as possible to own and run Arctic Shelf mini-fridge arrays on your premises. We handle maintenance, and users can easily report any issues to us via their mobile app.
Our units are also incredibly energy efficient, using around half the power of an average vending machine.
Contact us today to discuss buying options for Arctic Shelf and to start building your business case and ROI projection with one of our sales consultants.

Arctic Shelf in your sector

Arctic Shelf provides personalized mini-fridge arrays for organizations of all sizes across a range of vertical industries.

  • Businesses
  • Universities and High Schools
  • Manufacturers
  • Health groups
  • Co-working spaces
Click on your sector to discover how we can help you improve your student or employee experiences and improve health & safety as Covid-19 restrictions continue to ease. If your sector isn’t listed, contact us to find out more about Arctic Shelf in your industry.

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