ArcticShelf for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals need fresh, healthy, cost-effective food options to sustain them through long and challenging shifts. They also need to ensure that their food is safe from cross-contamination, which is a common issue with communal fridges.

  • Enhance food hygiene and minimize Covid-19 risks

    by replacing unsanitary communal refrigerators and thermal lunch coolers with individually-accessed fridge lockers.

  • Boost staff wellbeing

    with the ability to store fresh, chilled food and condiments at work.

  • Save space and minimize carbon emissions

    with 30% space savings vs. a double-door refrigerator, and 50% less power consumption than a standard vending machine.

  • Help staff members to reduce their monthly food bills

    with easy access to chilled store-bought ingredients and condiments at work.

  • Enhance your staff facilities

    Improve shared areas at low cost with our flexible pricing models.

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