Meet ArcticShelf

Meet ArcticShelf

The world’s most innovative refrigerated locker system

The world’s most innovative refrigerated locker system for schools and businesses

We provide the essential method of
food storage for our changed world

Our Solution

ArcticShelf enables schools and workplaces to solve the challenges of unsanitary community fridges, expensive and unhealthy dining options, and inconvenient and unreliable thermal lunch coolers.

Secure access

Never lose the key! Our secure mobile app allows you to easily open the locker and grant you access to the food you need, when you need it.




Safer Eating

Store your food in a personal fridge locker, rather than an unsanitary communal fridge.

Feel better

Keep healthy, fresh, refrigerated ingredients and condiments in stock and on demand.

Save money

Now you can bring food from home and keep it fresh – rather than using the canteen, vending machines, or eating out.


Protect both your food and your health, with a mobile app for secure access to your fridge locker.


Keep the food you love in easy reach. There is no need to leave the premises at break time.


Do it all at low cost with our flexible pricing models, affordable for anyone. 

Optimize Space

Fridges are only 19″ deep and can fit in spaces too small for traditional fridges. Easy to install in hallways and lunchrooms alike.

Optimize Energy

With a 30% smaller footprint than a double-door refrigerator, and 50% less power consumption than a standard vending machine.

Solution for COVID

Organizations in all sectors face new health and safety challenges as Coronavirus restrictions are gradually lifted, and employees and students return to their physical work and study environments.

For many students, lunch options will be restricted to packed lunches or canteen meals. At the same time, many shared office fridges will be closed due to the risk of food cross-contamination – restricting employees’ lunch options as well.

ArcticShelf can help you get back to school or work.

ArcticShelf provides a simple, cost-effective way to minimize Covid-19 infection risks. Each personal fridge in our system has controlled access via an app on the user’s smartphone, ensuring that no one else touches their food, ever.

We build refrigerated lockers for school and work.

ArcticShelf has created the world’s first personalized mini-fridge arrays to replace dirty communal refrigerators in workplaces, schools, and universities.

Because students can bring their favourite food and condiments from home and keep them fresh for days, they can eat more hygienically, healthily, and cost effectively. And that means they can be happier and more productive as they work and study.

By improving your employee or student experiences in these ways, you can cement your reputation as a great place to study or work.

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